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Effortless Receivables Management:
Boost Cash Flow with Ease

Increased On-Time Payments

Decrease in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Enhanced Productivity

Streamline Your Collections: Navigate Without Chaos

Precision Allocation, Receipt by Receipt

Our Receipt Wise Allocation feature ensures meticulous financial management in your real estate CRM. Allocate payments with precision, tracking and managing each receipt individually for unparalleled accuracy and transparency in your financial operations. With this feature, you can streamline your accounting processes and gain greater control over your receivables management.

Effortless Interest Calculation, Every Time

Our automated interest calculation feature takes the hassle out of financial management in your real estate CRM. With precision and efficiency, this tool automatically computes interest rates, ensuring accurate and timely calculations without manual intervention. Say goodbye to errors and save valuable time while optimizing your financial processes with our advanced automation capabilities.

Navigate Future Finances with Precision

Our Forecast Collections feature empowers real estate professionals to predict cash flow for a specified period accurately. By analyzing historical data and current trends, this tool provides valuable insights, enabling proactive decision-making and strategic planning. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure financial stability with our advanced forecasting capabilities.

Automate Receivables, Adapt to Demand

Automatically calculate receivables based on new demands with our innovative real estate CRM feature. Stay agile and responsive to market changes by dynamically adjusting receivable calculations to meet evolving demands. This automated solution streamlines financial management, ensuring accurate and efficient calculations tailored to your specific needs, ultimately maximizing operational efficiency and profitability.

Dynamic Collections: Adjusting to New Demands

Efficiently calculate collections based on new demands with our dynamic real estate CRM feature. Stay responsive to market changes by adapting collections strategies to evolving demands, ensuring accurate and timely revenue management. This flexible solution empowers real estate professionals to optimize cash flow and maximize profitability in a rapidly changing market landscape.