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Streamline Receivables, Boost Profitability

Collection Management

The Collections module is an indispensable tool for real estate professionals, providing a comprehensive 360-degree view of real-time collections data. Gives valuable insights into your receivables management process, allowing you to track payments, outstanding balances, and cash flow with precision and ease. With customizable dashboards and reporting functionalities, you can effortlessly drill down into collections data based on specific projects, milestones, and customers. Monitor payment statuses, identify overdue accounts, and streamline your collections process for enhanced efficiency and financial control. Whether you’re managing multiple projects or tracking individual customer payments, our Collections module empowers you to stay on top of your receivables management with confidence and clarity.

Streamline Receivables Management with the Collections Module

Gain unparalleled insights into your receivables management process with our Collections module. From tracking real-time collection data to generating comprehensive reports, this powerful tool offers a 360-degree view of your financial landscape. Effortlessly drill down into collections data based on projects, milestones, and customers for enhanced visibility and control.

View Collection Caller Allocation

Efficiently allocate collection callers based on various criteria, ensuring optimized resource utilization and streamlined collections operations.

Track Call History

Monitor call interactions with customers, track communication history, and ensure follow-up actions are conducted promptly for effective collections management.

Track Forecast Date and Amount

Stay ahead of the curve by tracking forecasted collection dates and amounts, enabling proactive planning and management of cash flow.

Forecast Collection Amount

Utilize predictive analytics to forecast collection amounts accurately, allowing you to anticipate future revenue streams and make informed financial decisions.

Generate Receipts

Automate the generation of receipts for successful collections, providing customers with documentation of payments received and enhancing transparency in financial transactions.

Generate Collection Reports

Generate detailed reports on collections performance, track progress against targets, and gain actionable insights to optimize collections strategies and drive financial success.