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Best Practices to Improve Customer Support

by | Jun 20, 2024

In real estate industry customer experience is the king of all core values. Any buyer, seller, tenant or investor show their loyalty towards a brand which gives an exceptional customer service.

Competition is real estate industry is tight. Only thing which can make you stand out from the rest is by providing a great experience to the customer. Our real estate CRM will help you to provide the VIP experience to your customers.

Below we are listing few practices you can follow to improve your customer support.

  • Quicker Follow up – Any deal, be it a small or big needs follow up. Your real estate firm should have a team who are quick in following up with the lead.
    Using a real estate CRM tool to manage the leads will help in a great way.
    With a real estate CRM, it is easy to access client’s data and contact history. Our Purplstack CRM has all the below features to help you connect with the prospect at the earliest:

    • Access your client’s data easily
    • No need to search for old e-mails or spreadsheet to respond to new enquiries.
    • Helps you to identify the prospects who has shown interest on your e-mail.
    • Helps to pipeline the follow up procedure


  • Proactive Communication – In real estate dealings there will be many transactions. Keeping a tab on everything will be a difficult task.
    If you miss out on any communication & not fulfilled the requirements on time, you might lose client’s trust.
    Real estate CRM will help you to communicate with clients proactively.
  • Availability – Everyone likes a quick response. Never forget to return the call if you have missed any of client’s call. If you are busy with other work, make sure you notify them that you will get in touch with them shortly.
    Purplstack real estate CRM assures maximum availability for your clients with seamless integration with call, sms and email marketing with an auto response.
  • Make the process Easy – Buying a home is a biggest moment for your client. Make it simple for them to contact you for any query or paper processing.
    Opting for a CRM to automate the sales and purchase will channelize the process & makes it simpler for the clients.

There are many more features in Purplstack CRM which is best suited software for a real estate agent or a company to maximise their sales.

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