Pre-Sales and Marketing Operations

Supercharge your Pre-Sales and Marketing Operations with Purplstack Sales Performance Management Platform

Lead Management

Any Sales Performance Management, sales process begins with a proper follow-up with good leads. Purplstack has a robust Lead Management module that sifts through available leads and qualifies them to get the best leads for follow up and converts an opportunity into a sale.

  • Use customized parameters to determine the value of various leads and segments

  • Qualify your leads to segregate to find who can be converted to a customer

  • Automate lead assignment using rules

  • Track follow-ups and conversations with leads

  • Schedule lead activities to ensure a proper follow-up

  • Track escalations and issues with leads

  • Integrate with third-party cloud telephony solution

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Campaign Management

Nurture your leads by focusing your marketing and communication efforts on what matters. Provide targeted information to prospects using campaigns with clear objectives. Enable conversion by providing your prospects with the information and answers they seek.

  • Create campaigns, assign budgets and track returns on investment

  • Multichannel marketing automation

  • Integrate with offline and online channels

  • Automate reminders and prospect communication emails

  • Automate SMS reminders for prospects using third party tools

Site Visit Management

Seamless handover of prospect details, clear accountability and real-time tracking is a must for a flawless site visit experience and increased probability of sale. With Purplstack's Site Visit Module, manage your site listings with ease. This module enables you to showcase your product & site and facilitate site visits in a convenient manner.

  • List the sites available for display and allow booking visits

  • Track site visits

  • Create workflow to manage interactions between various stakeholders to seamlessly conduct site visits

  • Manage site visits and arrange for facilities for visitors

  • Capture site visit feedback & follow-up in real time

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Apartment Sales

Keep yourself apprised of inventory details & sales performance as you engage with qualified leads towards closing a sale and helping them with their apartment purchase. The apartment sales module also helps with all other formalities that you will need to help your customer with the paperwork.

  • Find an apartment based on client criteria

  • Manage negotiations, discounts, schemes, and quotations

  • Automate the document generation for various formalities (Quotation, Welcome letter, Application form, Annexures, Cost Sheet, Booking Checklist)

  • Block an apartment with auto release option

  • Enable a paperless office by managing all documents online at one place

  • Manage bookings and documents for Non-Resident Indians

Analytics and Dashboards

Use our inbuilt analytics and dashboards to visualize details and gain deeper insights. Purplstack offers comprehensive, real-time reports and dashboards for better understanding of marketing, sales, inventory, collection, forecast and customer metrics.

  • Get granular insights on customer profile, property selection

  • Get numbers on booking and inventory

  • View reports to identify lead and booking trends for defined time periods

Pre-Sales and Marketing Operations

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